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When you have property to sell turn to the auction method and the auction marketing specialists at Pro Auction USA.  The auction method lets you sell your property to the highest bidder in open competitive bidding scenarios.  Your property will bring the highest price the market is willing to pay.  Getting you top dollar for your property.  No guessing on what price to ask for your property, the market will dictate the price for you. The auction method also lets you liquidate your property in a timely manner.  Large amounts of property can be sold in a short amount of time. Get everything sold and turn your property into cash in an efficient and timely manner.  Auctions work well with all types of property including estates, antiques, farm machinery, industrial equipment, business equipment and real estate.
Pro Auction USA Auction Services
At Pro Auction USA we provide complete auction services.  We can handle your auction from start to finish.  With our basic auction service we handle the listing of items to sell, preparing and placing advertisments, selling your property at the auction, clerking, cashiering, disbursing payment from the proceeds for ads and services and we provide a complete settlement package to account for your auction and auction expenses. Many people do their own sorting, boxing and set-up however if you can’t or don’t want to do this we can also provide sorting and set-up services billed at an hourly rate per man as needed.  The same goes for clean up and hauling away left over non-sale items.  We’ve been serving our customers and clients auction needs in north central Iowa and southern Minnesota for over 20 years Give us call or an email and we’ll schedule a time to visit with you about your auction.  All inquires are held in strict confidence. Tom Terwilliger, CAGA - Auctioneer/Owner (515) 341-3347