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Personal Property Appraisals
Any property other than real estate or “real property” is considered personal property.  Personal property is also referred to as chattel property, trade fixtures and non-real property. Real property appraisers are certified and governed by the State where they hold their license.  Personal property appraisers are certified and governed by a certifying organization like the Certified Appraiser’s Guild of America. These days most government agencies such as the IRS, Banks, Accountants Insurance Companies, Courts and Attorneys either require or at the very least prefer a certified personal property appraiser to provide an unbiased professional opinion of value on personal property. There are many reasons for personal property appraisals; Mortgage Collateral Estate Settlement Divorce Partnership disolutions Insurance Litigation Small Business Administration IRS Just to name a few.  When you need your non-real property appraised be sure to seek the services of a professional and certified appraiser.  
Appraisal Services
Pro Auction USA can handle all of your appraisal needs for your non-real property.  We have been appraising personal property since 1996.  Our experience covers a wide range of property types including industrial equipment, farm machinery, business equipment, construction equipment, antiques and other types of personal property. Tom Terwilliger, CAGA has been a certified and designated personal property appraiser since 1996.  Tom is certified by the Certified Appraisers Guild of America. We can handle your appraisal needs throughout the United States.